Monday, December 21, 2015

December Happenings

Here's a little peek into our December.  

Some pictures don't lend themselves to their own post so for those of you interested in what we do other than grow cranberries and homeschool, here you are, a pile of pictures.

Amber danced to Michael Buble's "Jingle Bells".

We celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary.

Sam played Christmas songs at Walmart with his Suzuki group.

Emily played, too.  This is her last time playing this gig; it's bittersweet.

Peter celebrated #4 with chocolate, chocolate cupcakes.

It was time for a new, clean, indoor ride-on toy and this has turned out to be a real winner.  Even Joseph at 7 can comfortably ride.
This activity was born from the famous saying, "necessity is the mother of invention".  Any normal year you'd find the kids pulling sleds behind the 4-wheeler or snowmobile, but this isn't a normal year.  Far from it.  Amber and Emily decided it was high time Pearl learn to pull.  And it had to be something that if destructed didn't matter.  Amber scrounged up this pallet and the fun began.  PALLET PULLING has become the newest outdoor fun.

Strolling through the rotary lights has become a tradition for us.  

Christmas is for kids.........and husbands.

Cookie baking has begun and Amber spearheaded most of it.  Maria "helped" me with the Brown Sugar Cut-outs (because I'm passionate about involving kids in the kitchen).  We used the star cookie cutter I bought on our trip to Pepin.  It was fun to reminisce a bit about that trip and the sunny, warm weather and the fact that it was just WARREN AND ME.

Happy Monday to you all!  And to all a good night.