Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Homeschool Toolbox

For those homeschoolers following a traditional school schedule, there's only 10 weeks left.  Yeah!!  

Where, oh where did those last 26 weeks go?  

Here in Wisconsin the sun's out, temps are rising, my mind is making garden plans, kids just want to be outside.......and the homeschool supply closet

IS. A. MESS.  

Ice cube trays, ratchet straps, and stray puzzle pieces have found their way into the nooks and crannies.  And who has time to reorganize when making a beeline for the finish?  Not me.  I usually wait until June or July or August or the day before the start of the new school year to organize the closets again.  

But this spring, I was really getting annoyed that I couldn't find all the needed preschool/1st grade supplies.  So I bought a cleaning supply tote and turned it into my homeschool toolbox.  And as long as I keep it out of reach from the shortest people in the house, all my supplies are in one place and ready to tackle the day with Joseph, Peter, and Maria.

Here's what in the toolbox

Assorted pens and pencils
Glue and Glue sticks
Tiny stickers
Small pad of paper
Mother Goose Time song lyrics on rings

I think it's obvious why I have the standard art supplies, but what about the adding machine tape?  I've found that a long strip of adding machine tape taped to the table and a sheet of tiny stickers will keep most toddlers happy for quite a while.  Throw in some washable glitter glue pens and you've just bought yourself even more time.  This "quiet" time allows me to work with Joseph on his writing and tracing without too many distractions.  Same with the Go Fish cards.  My toddlers enjoy grouping them by color or simply lining them up on a sunny spot on the table.  Again keeps their little hands and mind busy so I can give special attention to Joseph, yet allows them to be right where we are.

I chose this tote because it can be hung over the back of our chairs, keeping it close, but not too accessible to little fingers.
This little bit of spring organizing is giving me a much needed umph for finishing the year with the littles on a strong note.

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