Friday, March 25, 2016

7 Quick Takes Friday

Take 1

Day in and Day out, life happens around here.  It seems - at a lightning pace.  Our 4th hunter education graduate gets a .22 rifle.  

Take 2

A little afternoon shooting.  This was taken before our March snowstorm.  Oh, how I love the look of dry ground.

Take 3

Even Amber pulled out her .22 and joined the guys, shooting at water bottles and an impact target.

Take 4

I asked Peter if he wanted to go outside and play or sit on the saddle with the ipod all afternoon.  His answer:  sit on the saddo with the ipod all afternoon.  The joy of having sisters with horses....(and ipods)

Take 5

And then it snowed.....in March.  It's not that we don't expect snow in March.  It's just not very welcome after all the previous snow has melted and an Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for the weekend.  The sun's been working overtime trying to melt it all, but that means mud. 

Take 6

Daughters who bake bread are awesome!

Take 7

This little cutie patootie thinks she's the boss.  Of everything.  Warren and I know we are the adults.  We know we're the parents.  We know we can't let her continue bossing everyone around, but man is it difficult putting a stop to it.  

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