Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Right Family

I'm popping in at the end of the weekend to remind you all that your family is perfect for you.  And my family is perfect for me.  Where did that come from?  Last weekend Warren and I attended an evening for couples hosted by our deanery.  Fr. Martin was the guest speaker and he gave an encouraging talk that spanned the ages.  Newly married couples, as well as us, ah, longer married couples were given the message that God doesn't make mistakes.  Every family pulls it together enough for the public, but we really need to remember that all families are dealing with issues.  Fr. Martin reminded us that depression, cancer, wayward children, addiction, job loss......every family has something behind the closed door.  But, God puts us in the family that's perfect for us.

We are a family.  We have issues.  We love each other.  We tolerate each other.  We like each other.  We annoy each other.  We have fun with each other.  This is my family.  I love them!

This showed up on my camera card.  Sam must have gotten ahold of the camera.

Hanging out with Grandma at the hotel.
They're all mine.

You've got your family.
Thank God for all the crazy, maddening, sweet, and stupid things they do.

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