Friday, March 11, 2016

Bacon Wrapped Venison Mini Roasts

Venison (whitetail deer) is the red meat of choice in our house.  

Everyone hunts.  
Everyone guts.  
Everyone butchers.  
Everyone wraps.  
Some cook.  
All eat.

We use venison like most people use beef, substituting it in for any recipe.
Today I'm sharing one of our favorites.  This is one of those meals that no matter who asks, "What's for dinner?", I'll be met with "Awesome" once I give them the answer.

How we cut the meat
Warren cuts the back strap from the deer, lays it out on the cutting board, and then slices it every 2 inches into chunks.  We then wrap them, 11 to a pack.  

How we prepare the mini roasts
One thick cut package of bacon has 11 slices-- check your brand.  Wrapping the bacon around the mini roast, I secure it with a toothpick.

How we grill the bacon wrapped mini roasts
Warren typically grills these and has gotten it down to perfection.  Over medium heat, grill for about 15 minutes.  Bacon should be crisp tender and meat juices should be clear.  He's found the trick is to place these on the grill between the drip shields.  That way when the bacon fat drips it doesn't cause a flare up.  Flare ups are bad, trust me; I've served my share of blackened bacon wrapped mini roasts.  The venison is still good, but the bacon, not so much.  Once done, let set for a few minutes before serving--that way the juices can be reabsorbed into the meat and doesn't all run out when sliced.

How we serve the mini roasts
I serve Sweet Baby Ray's on the side, but really, I think the best is to slice and eat as is.  I usually serve fried mashed potatoes or potato wedges and a big salad or fresh fruit.  There's no wrong way to serve up BACON WRAPPED VENISON MINI ROASTS

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