Wednesday, February 11, 2009

6 Months Already

As with any baby, the first year seems to pass all too quickly. It's not any different with Little J. At 6 months today, he is half way to the year mark. Here he is month by month. Every day we fall more and more in love with him (if that's even possible).
So fragile and dependent in the NICU

At 1 month he literally slept all the time and always with one eye open. Those were trying, worrisome days. Would he ever grow?

And then came the heart meds. He nursed and still slept a lot and grew a tiny bit.

At 3 months he was stable enough to take on vacation. He was nursing well and growing a little. With his heart condition his growth was slow.

At 4 months came the heart surgery. Here he proudly wears his Children's Hospital of Wisconsin t-shirt. His feet were finally pink and not purple.

I remember this day well. It was late, I was tired and oh my! he's 5 months old and it's time for another picture. And of course the low battery light was flashing. Life had been pretty blurry at this point. We were just 4 weeks post surgery and trying so hard to get back in the swing of school work after the week off for surgery and then Christmas, New Year's and illness.

Today he's 6 months old. I think he's made the most progress this last month. He holds his head up and can sit upright with support (lots of it). He even wears big boy clothes. Don't you just love overalls?

Happy half birthday Little J

We love you


  1. Little J is such a handsome little fellow! Looks like he is doing very well!!!

  2. Happy 6 months J!!! Hi, Im Beverly, Noah's Mom and we also homeschool.


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