Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All Things Love and Hearts

We've been focusing on Valentine's Day this week. Here are a few pics of what we've done besides reading a ton of books and playing outside. Temps as high as 44 today. Nice for getting outside, but they come in just sopping wet and as far as sanding goes...let's just say it's not going. It's just too warm today. For my husband's sake I hope temps drop slightly for the rest of the week.

This art project came from Art Projects for Kids. I like this site and find lots of inspiring art ideas. The kids browse the site as well looking for art ideas.
I just love the way Little J is holding onto Lou - such safety found in his big sister's arms.
These peanut butter bon-bons are a favorite. And nothing says love like a little chocolate. The recipe is so simple: 2 cups each of powdered sugar, graham cracker crumbs and peanut butter, 1/4 c. of softened butter. Combine, roll in balls, chill or freeze. Dip in melted chocolate chips with a little parafin for shine. I use about 2 cups chips which doesn't cover all the bon-bons, but I have a few who like them uncoated. We keep them in the freezer because they are just so good frozen. Mmmm.
I love her eyes.
Grace took these pictures of the Redpolls. What a thrill it was to finally identify these birds correctly. Note the little cap of red and yellow beak. I'm sure they've been around other years, but I've never looked close enough. I think I let them pass as a drab finch other years. Read about them in this book, a favorite of mine. They appear to be female, but I have seen males as well. They have an extra patch of red on their chin.

Today we spent time working through the heart unit from this book, which I've had for a while and this week it seemed fitting to study the heart. After chemistry, which is on hold this week, we'll jump into more human body studies.
How will you be celebrating Valentine's Day?