Monday, February 9, 2009

The Kids Speak Out

(passing by while the kids watched Ant Bully)
Me: So, is this a good movie? What's it about?

Lee: It's AWESOME! I don't think you'd get it, Mom.
(while sweeping the kitchen floor)
Lou: I like having these new suppertime chores.

Me: Really? Why's that?

Lou: You know when you're barefoot in the morning it feels so gross to walk on the kitchen floor...all the crumbs and sand. Now that I've been sweeping every night the floor feels so smooth...I like that.
(after a morning of changed up school plans)
Grace: So when do you plan on us doing schoolwork?

Me: (dumbfounded)I thought we were doing school.

Grace: (accusatory)You and dad are always harping about education and how important it is and then we spend an entire morning painting, watching Redpolls, reading about St. Valentine, memorizing Valentine poetry! Where's the math and spelling and awful grammar? I don't feel like I learned a thing today.
(while coloring with a four year old)
Me: What color should I color the horse?

Ray: DEAD!

Me: What color for the bananas?


Me: What color should the house be?


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  1. I just happened to stumble across your blog from another one. I love this post, and especially the last interaction with your 4 year old. So cute and funny!


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