Saturday, October 3, 2009

Coming Clean

Be honest you blogger readers. Do you sometimes call your kids their blog names? Do you think in terms of blog names? Do you have to let your friends and family in on the secret? When you do that do you feel a little funny, like you're lying? My answer to all these questions is YES. I'm sick and tired of living this double life so I'm coming clean today.

Introducing my real family

The tall good looking guy in the back is my awesome husband Warren.

The sweet little blond in the pink shirt is Amber Lou.

Samuel Ray is in the Bucky Badger T-shirt.

Our responsible hunting, nail polishing 12 year old is Emily Grace.

The boy hiding underneath the hat is Nicholas Lee.

Little J, riding comfortably in the backpack, is really Joseph Edward, but I might still call him Little J because he is still little and I like the name Little J. Besides Little J doesn't seem like such a lie either.

Phew! Coming clean feels so good. Oh yeah, my name is Jennifer. It's so nice to meet you.


  1. Funny! And I've been debating whether or not to just introduce MYSELF on my blog, LOL. I prefer to keep my kids anonymous, at least for now... It's nice to "meet you"!

  2. Thanks- nice to meet you! :)
    Having decided to keep our two boys de-identified, I have the opposite problem of trying to switch on my "blog brain" when I start writing, and occasionally doubt myself and have to search for their real names to reassure myself I'm sticking to plan!

    Funny, I had come onto your blog late (6ish months ago) and as I read back your archives I for some reason had wondered whether you were using "nom d'oebs" (as opposed to nom du plumes).

    Congratulations on your gorgeous real-life family!

  3. LOL nice to meet you and your family Jennifer! I do enjoy reading your blog and seeing what everyone is up to!

  4. I guess I just dont understand the whole nickname stuff.. I call them on my blog what I call them in real life. Anyway nice to "meet" you :)

  5. Great! Glad to meet ya. I never liked all that pseudonymous stuff myself. I know, we always hear the internet is such a dangerous place but I think it's all hysteria. You're safe.

  6. It is nice to meet you! I decided that I'd use our real first names, but have kept our last name out of it. Unless, of course, I've made a mistake somewhere along the line.

    That's a nice picture of Warren, Amber Lou, Samuel Ray, Emily Grace, Nicholas Lee, Joseph Edward and you!


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