Monday, October 19, 2009

A Little Halloween Prep

Halloween is a hard holiday for me. With talk of harvest, prep for
harvest, worries of harvest, excitement of harvest, visitors during harvest, preparing for and enjoying the harvest party, clean up from harvest, trying to rest after harvest, October is pretty well spoken for. Then BAM Halloween shows up on the last day of the month. It shouldn't come as a surprise considering it's the same day every year, but it does and I won't make excuses for myself. So I'm just tickled that Amber Lou and I carved out some time to make a few paper Jack-o-Lanterns this afternoon. We followed the directions at Art Projects For Kids. I just love Kathy's blog; check it out for tons of art projects to keep you and your children busy forever.
I just love this pumpkin Amber Lou made. I think it looks like a french artist because the mouth looks more like mustache to me.


  1. Kinda looks like Groucho Pumpkin.

  2. cute! I love her blog as well! Great, fun ideas!


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