Saturday, October 3, 2009

Two Non-Typical Book Reviews

Warren just finished a book this morning and since he gave it the highest honors according to him I thought I would share the book with you. I feel like I've read the book, too. He's read so many parts to me because they begged to be shared that I'm slightly in the know about the book. But first I want to say a bit about Warren's reading background. This man doesn't read many books; he prefers to read, in this order, Wisconsin State Farmer, Wisconsin Outdoor News, The Progressive Farmer, Daily Tribune, investment pamphlets that come in the monthly statement, several hunting/trapping themed magazines and Gun Digest (technically a book). Are you seeing a theme? Not many novels can capture this man, but when one does beware because he will hide out anywhere in order to read the book as fast as possible. In our almost 13 years of marriage I've watched him pick up books, read a few chapters, then leave them lay around collecting dust. They just didn't grab his attention. There's so much news happening that can't be missed by reading a so-so book. So when he finishes a book, slowly closes it and says, "I'm not ready for it to be done.", you know it's a top notch read. That has happened twice that I can remember. Once last summer and again this morning. Ironically, both books were authored by Wisconsinites.

In a Pickle by Jerry Apps - I actually read this book first and then passed it on to him knowing it was just his type of book. Farming, country life, entrepreneurship, family business and a love story to boot. He read it in less than 24 hours.

Truck: A Love Story by Michael Perry - I've seen this at the bookstore staring back at me, but never did anything about it. But then Warren's sister recommended it to us in August and after forgetting the author's name and having a crying baby at the library and a very out of date library card Warren finally checked it out last week and finished it this morning. I guess I have 3 weeks if I want to read it, too.

We'd happily take book recommendations (guy friendly) if you have them. Thanks.