Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ABC Flu Graph

This morning on ABC's Good Morning America they ran a news bit about Flu and showed a surprising graphic.  It showed a 30 year trend in flu occurrences and February comes out as the top month for flu outbreaks.  I did not know that.  I hadn't even thought about it.  I guess it makes sense; when February begins we are 6 or 7 weeks into winter.  And midwinter seems to be when illnesses peak.  Why is this bit of info important to me today?  Well, we were hit with something yesterday.  Joseph pushed his food away at each meal yesterday and then after pushing away his plate of Tuesday night pizza and cuddling up with me on the lounge chair it quickly dawned on me that maybe he wasn't feeling well.  As soon as that thought popped into my mind, I was screaming for a towel because Joseph was throwing up on me.  It scared him which made him bring his hand up to his mouth, which got his hand covered with vomit which made him want to cling to me which resulted in his vomit covered hand firmly placed on my forehead.  Yuk!

And that's not all, Amber and Nick both developed sore throats last night and Sam is sick with a sore hip (wink).  Emily and I got home from the Y to a pretty quiet house.  Just Warren and Joseph were up.  It was 8am before anyone even got rolling; we had a slow start.  School was pretty lax.  Sam read to me, Amber listened to audio books and did some math, Nick laid on the couch and read or looked at photo albums and Emily did a good portion of her work as well as help out where needed.  I hope you all are having a healthy week and remember to wash your hands thoroughly and often.