Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Presidents' Day Notes

Looking back over all our years of homeschooling, I do not believe we've ever actually celebrated Presidents' Day.  This year we did!  Celebrated may be a little over zealous.  What we actually did was recognize this as a day for more than clothing sales and no mail.  We gathered on and around the couch and began our study.

1.  Grammar lesson - Where does the apostrophe go in Presidents Day?  After the s because the day belongs to all presidents not just one.

2.  Quick quiz - Who is our current president?  Obama.  Vice President?  Biden  Name all the presidents you can.

3.  Play reading - Emily, Nick, Amber and I read aloud a play from Holidays on Stage titled "Miss Lacey and the President".  We've never read a play before.  I thought it'd be fun to pick a part and read in character.  We each picked two people to play and read the play which highlighted George Washington as a boy.  Upon reading the last line Emily declared, "that was so fun, let's do another."  Then Nick said, "Really?   Cuz I hated it."  I guess I can't please them all.

4.  Who can be President? - Sam and I looked up the criteria for becoming President at eHow.  He thought the amount of money spent on campaigning was "out of this world".  Then we made a Future President:  Samuel ribbon for him to wear on his shirt.

5.  Samuel decorated red and blue plastic cups with a variety of stickers including:  stars, flags and coins.  We used these for lunch, except Sam developed a fever and missed lunch.  But we all oohed and aahed for his benefit.

6.  I had planned on having Amber and Sam make this Mt. Rushmore craft, but he wasn't up to it and Amber was still dealing with her earache so we'll either do it later this week or save it for next year.

7.  Late in the afternoon Sam wanted to "do something" so he did a President Lincoln maze (way too easy) and wrote Grandma a letter on Flag paper.

And there you have it, our first ever attempt at recognizing Presidents' Day.