Monday, February 7, 2011

Homeschool History

Over the last couple of years we've used two main history texts:

the Story of the World.

I like From Sea to Shining Sea because of its Catholic content.  It fits the lives of the saints in nicely with history so they become real people living beside other historical figures.  It focuses on America which seems to intrigue kids more than world history.  At least that's what I've found.  However, the Story of the World is an excellent history program starting at 7000 B.C and continuing to the near present.  As the title suggests it's world history and progresses in chronological order.  It can feel as if you're skipping around the world quickly from chapter to chapter, which you are, but it solidifies the fact that life was occurring all around the world at the same time.  This concept can be hard for early elementary kids to grasp.  Just because we are studying about 17th century China doesn't mean that's the only thing happening in the world at that time.  Wars are taking place in Germany and France, dynasties are being conquered in India and travelers are making their way to America...ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  the Story of the World does an excellent job walking kids and me too, through all the world history events.  So at the present we are using the Story of the World Volume 3:  Early Modern Times (mid 1300's - mid 1800's).  I've mapped out the next few weeks of lessons and thought this the safest place to store them.

Chapter 11 - The Moghul Emperors of India
1.  Read "World Seizer, King of the World, and Conqueror of the World" & oral review questions
2.  Color Taj Mahal as I read
3.  Read "Aurangzeb's Three Decisions" & oral review questions
4.  Mapwork - India
5.  Read Aloud 

6.  Nick read

7.  Emily read - choose 10

8.  Draw Taj Mahal and decorate with gemstones - Amber and Samuel

Chapter 12 - Battle, Fire, and Plague in England
1.  Read "Charles Loses His Head" & oral review questions
2.  Color pic of King Charles as I read
3.  Read "Cromwell's Protectorate" & oral review questions
4.  color pic of Cromwell
5.  Mapwork - England
6.  Read "Plague and Fire" & oral review questions
7.  Color Fire picture and city scape, tape together and light on fire in bathtub to show how fast fire spreads in close buildings
8.  Make penny bread using this recipe
9.  I haven't settled on our literature selections.  I'll update when I pick up the books from the library.


  1. Just in case you're interested, the Catholic Textbook Project, which published From Sea to Shining Sea, does now have a World History series as well, called A Light to the Nations. Volume 1 was published last year and Volume 2 (out of two volumes total) should be published soon.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it.


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