Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gloomy Skies = Bad Days

Company arrived last night for the turkey hunting season. Things get a little turned upside down whenever another hunting season arrives. Since everyone gets up so early to hear hunting stories during breakfast the "grumpies" come out earlier than most days. Top it off with strong winds and gloomy skies and the day has only one way to go, downhill fast.

With that said, we decided to lay low and begin by reading. Currently we are reading from the Little House on the Prairie series. Most mornings we begin by reading a chapter or two and then move on from there. The kids like to make a verbal list of a few things they want to do each day. It helps to give some structure to the unschooling day. Grace and Lee practiced their instruments, violin and guitar, respectively. They each made an entry into their journal. The plan is to make cookies, play Jumpstart 1st Grade and then time for lunch. Hopefully the afternoon brings on a few more smiles than the morning.