Monday, May 23, 2005

Weekend Fun

We had such a full weekend, yet it was completely relaxing. Friday night we took a drive to Powers Bluff to look at all the beautiful wildflowers. Triliums, Columbine, Wild Asters and more were in full bloom. My favorite are the triliums; they carpet the ground in white. Stunning and beautiful! Lee and Ray fell asleep so they ended up missing out on the fun, but did get some much needed rest. Grace and Lou played on the playground equipment and climbed on the rocks. We had such a nice time and since 2 of the 4 were asleep, no quarrelling.

Saturday I had a church obligation, so dad took the Grace to violin. Everyone napped in the afternoon except me. I planted flowers. Saturday night we had a First Communion to attend and then a party afterward, which the kids loved. We ended up staying at Sierra's until 10:30 p.m. Since our church obligation was met on Saturday night we had all day Sunday to putter around home. DH put away the summerized the snowmobiles, while I mowed the lawn. Kids played outside all day. We had a great pork chop dinner and then headed to the Highground war memorial.

The Highground is a memorial to all the fallen soldiers of past wars. We milled around the property reading about each war memorial. A replica liberty bell is present and open to bell ringing. Lee and I are the only ones who rang the bell, but did it a number of times.

Great weekend.