Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Unschooling Our Way to a Great Education

Yesterday was so perfect. The bright sun warmed my cheeks, friends came over for a visit and the kids played hard. I just love those kind of days. To capture the greatness of the day, I'll need to recount the day with a bit more detail.

Early in the morning the kids and I ate homemade rhubarb jam (we made last week) on some cheap, but surprisingly good multi-grain bread. We watched the rose-breasted grossbeak flutter at the bird feeder. Tyler called to remind us that the variety show is coming up this Thursday and that we better come over to practice the violin/piano piece. We all went over and I ended up cleaning while the kids (Tyler is 20) prepared their music pieces. See, they adopted a baby from Ethiopia and the parents were coming home last night. Another friend was over cleaning, too. What a great feeling to clean someone else's home, especially knowing that they will have jet lag and a new addition to their family.

Lunch was leftovers, good ones. Then we did our Monday Home Blessing before some homeschooling friends came over. The older girls practiced a song and signing that they will be performing at the variety show. We talked all afternoon. It was so great. The windshield on our truck was replaced; all the kids sat at the top of the swingset watching so intently. The guys got a kick out of that.

Egg customers came a callin' yesterday. Sold 6 dozen. Grace made brochures last week describing their egg business and we delivered them to neighbors. That really did the trick, no more scrambled eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After a quick supper we headed back outside to enjoy the beautiful weather before it turns chilly and rainy again. The greenhouse was begging to be filled, so we filled it. We're trying muskmelon this year. Lee hopes to get some biggies, they're his favorite.

We read from The Indian in the Cupboard and went to bed, tired. What a great feeling.