Friday, May 13, 2005

Life With Pets

During the last couple of weeks my house has been overrun by "pets". We always have a black lab and 15 chickens that reside outside, but somehow I've been suckered into allowing pets inside. Not big pets, but they do require care none the less. Earlier in the week Lee found an injured butterfly, a beautiful copper. We think the problem is that it is just too cold for its wings to warm up. Even in the house it's not doing so well. We also ordered 5 American Painted Lady larva, which are now in the chrysalid portion of their life. Everyone is anxiously awaiting their emergence as butterflies. Lee made a home for a varigated cutworm. After some brief research we were still in the dark as to how long their larval stage is and what to expect next, if anything. Of course every spring brings with it the awakening of turtles. We've had a couple of baby painted turtles for a day or two and found a large turtle near the reservoir. I'm just realizing that we forgot to look up its species. Everyone has been keeping the bird feeder full of black oil sunflower seeds, which is bringing many species of birds. Lou (3 years old) and I made binoculars out of toilet paper tubes. The viewing is going much better for her now.

Speaking of "Life With Pets", I cannot forget about my children. Since watching E.T. and reading Is There Life in Outer Space? they have been acting like aliens. I even heard Grace (7 years old) conversing with an alien while she was in the bathtub.

Unschooling is like this. Everyday is a little different and always exciting. I love to watch my children learn naturally and they love the freedom to explore the world daily.