Saturday, May 14, 2005

This and That

Saturday is not a typical school day, however, learning is still to be found at our home. Three of the 5 butterflies emerged today. We all learned that butterflies have meconoium, too. Human birth was discussed at length and now the kids are all disgusted that they pooped "black tar" when they were newborns. By the way the butterfly meconium is blood red.

Grace slept over at a friend's last night. The highlight according to her was playing rock star, college (with pretend cell phones) and staying up until 1:00 am. I picked her up from Suzuki repertoire at noon and then the afternoon has been dedicated to uninterupted movie time. The kids think they are in heaven.

Today's weather is gloomy again. We've had a few rain showers and lots of wind. Things don't look good for the next few days. I want sun! (said with a whiny voice and a firm stomp of the foot)

Tomorrow is the Lorie Line concert. I'm taking my best friend for her birthday. My husband and I went to a performance last year and it was fantastic. She plays beautiful, self arranged piano music with a terrific accompanying orchestra and even better costumes. Can't wait!