Monday, May 16, 2005

Operation: Clean House

IT'S MONDAY AND THAT MEANS, TIME FOR THE MONDAY HOME BLESSING. My new favorite line in our home is, "We all work together now, so we can all play later". Grace and Lee have accepted this and vigorously helped to clean the house this morning. The home blessing isn't a big deal at all if we all work together. It may sound like my kids are eagerly awaiting Monday morning so as to begin housework. Well, they're not! In our house, I begin when the kids are very young incorporating life skills into the "curriculum". By 3 or 4 they put away their own laundry (which I have folded), make their own bed (like a 3 year old can), and clear their place at the table. We gradually add responsibilities to their list as they mature. I've found the most important part of enlisting kids to help with household chores to be starting early when they are eager and stating the expectation of what's to be accomplished clearly. We also have a house rule that states, "When we have work to do, we do it without complaining." Of course, the kids use the rule on me, too, which I love. :)

We are planting cranberry vines this week. The kids will be busy helping out. I, on the other hand, will be preparing food for the extra mouths to feed. Lou and I made homemade bread; it didn't rise like I wanted, but was delicious anyway.

After lunch the kids played "cowboy" outside in the woods. They collected dandelions and wild mustard to decorate their cabin. Watching kids play can be so relaxing, yet inspiring. They are truly beautiful creations of God. I love homeschooling!