Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas is Coming

We put up the Christmas tree today. I've always loved to listen to Christmas music while decorating the tree. This year I realized that I need new Christmas tunes. I'm still listening to the same CD's from college and this year they're just not the type of music I was yearning for. Although my favorite is still my favorite, The Christmas Harp. There is nothing more angelic than listening to Christmas carols played on harp strings. Beautiful!

We did get school done this morning as well. Grace is reading from the Little House First Chapter Books. She reads the stories to me everyday. She has become quite a reader, but still needs to work on the tion, tian, sion endings, for example, confusion. She's in second grade and I would imagine that this is normal progress. Lee finished up his rhyme book a couple of weeks ago and has progressed to a free workbook I received from Starfall.com. He likes the pages; I think they are worthless. What to do? Lee is working on counting change. He has a quick and sharp mind. Lou played Cinderella most of the morning, while Ray played with Duplos, looked at books and rifled through the Christmas boxes (what a mess).

This last weekend we went to my husband's sisters homes for our Christmas gathering and gift exchange. Our extended family doesn't exchange gifts with everyone, however with 4 kids with godparents and godchildren of our own, most everyone ends up with some sort of present. We had so much fun sharing stories, laughing, eating, playing with cousins and attending a different church. We attended St. Patrick Parish in Cottage Grove, WI. The alpha and omega of the sermon: "New York City lawyer states that after thorough search, 'God cannot be found', Father states after many scripture references, that God can be found in each and every person. It was a fun, funny and very uplifting sermon.

List of Christmas gifts received
*Grace - assorted bubble baths, Stablemate horse, Girls Who Looked Under Rocks, American Girl tea time dress and winter cloak
*Lee - Case excavator, Matchbox Army assortment
*Lou - Cinderella dress up set, Buckaroo game, Fashion Polly sleigh and horse set
*Ray - Bath toys, rubber push car
*Dad - Gun Digest 2006, Sharpie markers
*Mom - beading supplies, scrapbooking supplies