Thursday, December 8, 2005

Lots of Limericks

We wrapped up our study of the War of 1812 yesterday. Dolly Madison was a winner all the way around. We pulled out a poster of the presidents. Grace and Lee identified James Madison as the fourth president and Dolly's husband. We read the names of all the presidents and noted that one of them was named Warren (DH's name). They thought that to be cool. Today we started off by reading from the book Lots of Limericks; very funny and a good way to spark an interest in writing some of our own.

Emily had a cat
but it's name was a rat
the cat was fun
it stunk as sun
the cat it was a rat.
Written by: Grace-age 8

One day I sat on a chair
But it really was underwear
and it stunk so bad
but it really was dad
and he just didn't care.
Written by: Lee-age 6

My plan, which I have many, is to write a couple of Christmas limericks to include in our Christmas cards this year. If I really do that, I'll post them here when finished.