Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mission: Organization

I tend to be mostly organized. I write To Do Lists, one for "Today" and one for "Longterm". I like my house to be orderly, although with 4 kids 8 and younger it's not always as orderly as I would like. With that said, I do like a lived in feel. Our fridge is plastered with artwork around the gigantic calendar of events. My home is decorated with basically non-breakables and we have no coffee table taking up valuable floor space. I purposely leave open space so that cartwheels, somersaults, ballet and tap dance can be practiced in the living room. And piles of books are piled everywhere.

This is the week for a deep cleaning and organization mission again. This stemmed from moving my mom to yet a third apartment in 3 years. She has so much stuff that needed to be moved into a one bedroom apartment that there was hardly enough room for her to walk. DH and I came home and decided that we don't want to own anything. DH even stripped off his dirty clothes and said "I'm giving up wearing clothes, I don't want anything." Well, he decided to keep his clothing, but we have both been cleaning out desk drawers, file folders, closets, the laundry room and anything else that looks like it is overfull. We've found so much to get rid of.