Friday, December 9, 2005

Grandma is 73 Today

Tonight we'll be heading to my uncle's for a birthday celebration for grandma. She's a very special lady to me, always their when I need advice on what temperature to bake homemade bread or how much flour to use when making gravy. I volunteered to bring the cake, but couldn't decide what one to make, so I decided to make three different things. Turtle Brownies (new recipe found on the back of the new caramel/chocolate swirel chips), Moist Chocolate Cake (an old standby found in Quick Cooking many years ago, made with brewed coffee and buttermilk.....oh it's delicious), and Pumpkin Pie (traditional). The house is filled with the aroma of chocolate and pumpkin. What a great way to end the week.

Even with all the baking we did manage to get in some school this morning. Grace and I played games from Happy Phonics, Lee read to me from Bob Books Level C and Lou and Ray played. Both Grace and Lee played math computer games, which is their Friday treat.