Saturday, December 31, 2005

Family Time

Today is New Year's Eve and the Eve of the Feast of the Holy Family. The kids watched Felicity again this morning. It is the essence of a family movie. I can always pick out a good movie because my children will imitate the characters. Grace has been curtsying and having tea parties, Lou named all her horses Penny and Patriot, and I even caught Lee tip his hat and bow when talking with Grace. We all took a chance at playing darts; Lee got an electronic dart board from Grandma for Christmas. Dad and Lou played horses and I practiced the piano.

Our plans for today include: make homemade cocoa brownies, snowmobile, pack up snow clothes and equipment and head over to Jeremy and Dawn's for a New Year's get together. Together we have eight children who play together marvelously. It's a dream come true for parents.

Reading over this entry sounds to good to be true, but it isn't. I recently read an article in our local newspaper; this woman in her 60's was reminiscing about Christmas of 1968. It was a hard year, yet simple in so many ways. Then she forwarded and talked of this year's Christmas and the craziness of it all. The writer asked her if she wished Christmas was as simple as in 1968 and her response was, "No, sometimes you don't realize that the good times are the ones you're in right now." That comment had such an impact that I actually saved the article and have read that quote everyday since it was published on December 23.

That quote sums up how I feel today. I am so blessed on this Eve of the Feast of the Holy Family to be given my family to care for and to love.