Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Preparations and School

Christmas is just 4 days away and our house is bustling with activity. The kids did their schoolwork today as well as lots more learning.

Math - measured ingredients for cheesy ham soup and cranberry bread, counted out dozens of cookies, estimated and then cut wrapping paper for wrapping presents

Reading - read the recipe directions, read the messages on the to/from tags

Writing - wrote Thank You notes for Christmas presents already received, wrote a letter to Jesus telling what they want for Christmas and thanking him for a good year

Art - made creative bows for their wrapped presents, made a morning star ornament to hang above our door, played Christmas songs on violin, guitar and piano

It's so easy to incorporate learning into everyday life, yet some days I fret because we don't get all of the planned schoolwork finished and then when DH reminds me of all that was done I am reminded that real learning comes from living a full life.