Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mad Libs: My Favorite Word Game

We pulled out the Mad Libs today. We have the Christmas Fun edition. Mad Libs is a word game. Each page has a story with some words removed. They are labeled noun, verb, number, adjective, etc. Then one person goes around the table asking each person for the appropriate type of word. When all the blanks have been filled in, the reader reads the story. Here are some of our favorite lines from this mornings Mad Libs.

-And Sam brought lots of tacos to hang on the tree.
-Last year Nick had a grumpy party.
-Once that bat is up, you know that the green season has officially started.
-Of course, you can always decorate your turkey fan with vases or helicopters.

Lots of laughs during this project and it reinforces or introduces children to the parts of speech. These can be bought at a book store for $3.99. Each book contains about 25 different stories.