Sunday, April 18, 2010

Turkey Season Update

We're finishing the first week of turkey hunting today. Last week was the youth hunt which could've been called the first week, but it's not. This week is the first week. Warren and Emily as well as a friend had tags for this week, but so far nothing. They're out right now trying like mad to shoot a big one before the day is over. They have time on their side; it's only 5:55 am and they've been out for about an hour now. I'm making cinnamon rolls and one of the hunters brought fixin's for french toast. We'll also have some fruit, juice and coffee when they come in for their mid morning break at 10am or so.

Week 2 of turkey season will bring fun chaos to the house. We'll have 5 relatives staying Tuesday-Sunday for turkey season. One will camp out in the house and the others are staying in the hunting hotel, i.e. camper. They park it out back by the outhouse as a place to sleep and change clothes, otherwise they are either hunting, eating in the house or helping Warren do marsh work. We have a lot of fun with these guys, they love to joke and quiz the kids and make huge breakfasts. They make it pretty easy on me by having a menu and names of who is responsible for what. As long as I keep the coffee brewed (which reminds me I need to bring up the 25 cup pot) and some cookies and chips on the table it'll go well.

Adding to the craziness that comes from turkey season we have school to accomplish, a piano lesson, Little J has a doctor appointment on Wednesday and PT on Thursday, we have our first St. Francis Nature Club gathering on Thursday and First Communion practice on Sunday. Wish me luck!