Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kindergarten Classifying

Thanks to my mom and all her perusing the Internet for printables, I had a number of printouts with animals. They worked perfectly for animal classification. I cut the pictures apart and then wrote "Mammals" and "Fish" on a large sheet of paper. I had Sam tell me what he knew about each category. I prompted him a little and soon we had a few simple characteristics of each. Then he took the pile of pictures and glue and set to work deciding which category they fit it. This took him a long time due to glue problems; we need more gluesticks.

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  1. Jennifer and Samuel,

    I'm glad that you are using some of the material that I find on the internet.

    Sam you are doing so well in school. Grandma is so proud of you, you are a very smart young man. Grandma loves you. See you on Friday.

    Jennifer thanks for being such a wonderful daugther, wife, mother and a all around person.

    LOVE: Mom and Grandma
    XO XO


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