Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Ready to Garden

With the early spring I've been getting a lot done outside that normally doesn't happen until May. For example, I already have the lawn raked, something I'm usually doing throughout the weeks of turkey season. Warren tilled the garden two or three weeks ago and we're getting ready to plant potatoes already. We're not fools though, we know that we'll have plenty of frosty nights, last night was one of them, but it feels so good to work the soil I just can't resist. Years ago, probably twelve, we planted 25 bareroot strawberry plants. They all died within weeks of planting. This year a friend is cleaning up her strawberry bed and has "as many crowns as we want" to give away. Warren built a strawberry bed last Wednesday and this week it looks like we'll be getting the crowns. I need to add this to my list. We all enjoyed our time outside that night. It was warm and windy.

A pair of curious swans moved in. They hung around for quite some time, but as it was getting dim, I couldn't get a clear picture of them. Of course, Jake (the dog) was going crazy while the swans were swimming around. He kept pacing back and forth at water's edge trying to look tough and territorial, but the swans didn't fall for it.


  1. Gardening with a backhoe. I need one of those!

  2. Jen and family

    Strawberries are so good and they smell delicious. Have fun planting your garden.

    Love: Mom and Grandma

  3. Jen: Beautiful pictures of the kids. Love: Mom


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