Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Bad, The Good

THE BAD - The first ant of the season was walking in our mud room.
THE GOOD - The ground is warming, definitely a sign of spring.

THE BAD - I made a terrible vegetable cheese soup for supper.
THE GOOD - We all had room for an ice cream cone.

THE GOOD - DH has the sprinklers all up and running for the growing season.
THE BAD - Frost watch is looming over his head. Tonight's low: 40 F (no frost watch)

THE GOOD - Ray played happily with scissors, paper and two markers while I did math with Grace and Lee.
THE BAD - Yellow snippets of paper are strewn about the house.

THE GOOD - Several species of birds are visiting the bird feeder, making nature study so easy.
THE BAD - I can not keep the feeder filled.