Friday, April 27, 2007

Today's Details

-normal morning routine, including checking traps for Grace and Lee
-Saxon Math with Grace and Lee
-Lou and Ray "cooked" with Play-doh
-Grace and Ray did spelling and did their Friday spelling test
-I loaded and ran dishwasher, did laundry and checked emails during any free second
-Grace and Lee wrote and illustrated in journals; I edited; they corrected
-walked to the mailbox and here is what we saw/did

Lee found the missing half of his minnow trap and pulled it out of the reservoir with stick
Lou found two pieces of dried bone
We talked about all the trees we saw, I used words such as conifers, deciduous, pine, spruce
Everyone pointed out differences they saw in various trees
We used the tree key to correctly identify white pine and red pine
Skipped about 30 flat sandstone rocks
Watched one goose fly overhead
Lee checked on his secret spot
Grace climbed a tree
We got to the mailbox too late to
mail our letters, but did get fun mail none the less

-Made lunch, leftover brat patties, leftover pork chops and sauerkraut, bread, carrot sticks, cheese curds

-Ray napped
-I read a few blogs
-Grace and Lee went with dad to check out a cousin's new home
-I had a tea party with Lou (Felicity style, "Thank you I shall take no tea")

-Waited for the neighbor (2 miles as the crow flies) to bring back our dog

-Called a friend and placed an order for a kitten (Arrival: mid-June)

-Ray woke up, Lou and Ray played with marbles

-I blogged (and it's only 4:00 p.m.)

(Sorry for the choppy style, blogger won't let me get rid of the haphazard double spacing)