Monday, April 30, 2007

Fishing for Fun

We went to the river (Wisconsin River) to fish today. Had fun watching all the boats and other people catching fish. But we were skunked. Hardly even a nibble. We packed up, headed to the cemetery to visit Grandma's grave and then got an icecream cone. Just for the record:

  • Vanilla - dad, Ray, Lou

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup - Grace, mom

  • Blue Moon - Lee

In the evening we all took our poles out to the reservoir to do some more fishing. And fish we caught. Within seconds of casting DH caught a crappie. Then it was Lee with a crappie. I ran back in to get the camera, since the action was good; I could hardly keep up with baiting Lou and Ray's poles, taking pictures, untwisting lines. My head was spinning from all the, look mom's.

There's the whole gang. It was getting dark before we headed in. DH had to clean fish by the light of the patio. We kept 5 crappies, 5 perch and 1 bluegill. Tonight's supper - fish fry, yum! I did get a couple moments to snap pictures of other things I found interesting. Enjoy.

The ripples are in the sand, created by the wind blowing all day.

The killdeer nest. It's a ground nest that gets a lot of disturbances. She had four eggs, then two were missing for awhile. Now she's back up to five.

The catkins in the foreground are from a birch tree. The flowering tree in the background is a service berry.