Sunday, April 22, 2007

When Was the Last Time I..........

When was the last time I ...

1. kissed someone? Just as I tucked in my kids for bed I kissed each one of them and they kissed back

2. drank coffee? Probably two months ago. I have to be in the right mood and very cold. With wood heat I am rarely cold enough inside to want to drink hot drinks.

3. read a book? Currently I am reading the Elm Creek Quilts Sampler by Jennifer Chiaverini. I also read a board book version of I Spy to Ray earlier today.

4. cursed? In my mind probably a couple of times today. I don't let them slip out very often.

5. had a nightmare? Just Friday night. We caught a wolf in a large cage type trap and didn't know what to do because a bus load of kids and two priests were due to our farm in just a couple of minutes. Then I woke up.

6. checked your email? Just a few minutes ago.

7. had a crush? I've been crushing on my husband since I first saw him, September 6, 1995 at 6:00 a.m. in the parking lot of our alma mater.

8. drove a car? I drove to my grandparents today for a visit. DH drove us all home.

9. rode a roller coaster? About 15 years ago.

10. took a nap? Everyday for 11 days when I was sick with the campylobacter infection. It started on Holy Thursday and ended 11 days later.

11. went to the movies? DH and I saw Wild Hogs just about a month ago.

12. drank alcohol? I drank white wine with my honey one evening about a month ago.

13. went to a party? Just last night. My dear friend turned 40 so a group of us girls went out for dinner. Dinner lasted 3 entire hours. We had a blast.

14. said “I love you?" About a 1/2 hours ago when I tucked in the kids.

15. cooked a meal? Saturday morning breakfast was fried eggs and pancakes.

16. exercised? Yesterday Lou and Ray and I went for a bike ride. It was the first of the year for me.

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