Saturday, May 5, 2007

First Holy Communion Preparations

Tomorrow's the day Lee will receive the fullness of Jesus into his body. We've prepared intensively for this day. We've read and read, played communion (don't all Catholic kids do this), and made a good First Confession. He seems more prepared than I was five years ago when I became Catholic. Now for today, we will be preparing the clothes and for the gathering. First the clothes, ironing, sewing, finding missing tights for Lou, snugging up Lee's shoes with heel huggers (still need to buy). Then comes the food.

  • Bake ham and slice
  • Pull chicken from the bone and make into chicken salad
  • Prepare deviled eggs
  • Cut fruit and arrange
  • Cut veggies and arrange
  • Prepare mashed potato casserole
  • Make cinnamon swirl bread
  • Make cranberry sauce
  • Pick up cake and rolls and dill dip

Then comes the house preparations. Not to much needs to be done in the line of cleaning, but lots needs to be done to organize the house the hold and feed 27 people. We need to rearrange the furniture and add some tables. Then cover tables and set out the candles and table settings. Just writing this, I'm getting slightly nervous about it all happening before bed tonight. So I'm off to work.


  1. Oh, he's in our prayers tonight ... I almost burst into tears last weekend when LegoManiac and StringBean made their FHC. I guess it's cuz I was SO involved with their catechism this year and did all their sac prep .... what a release and relieve to have them make it through Mass and be able to go home and stuff their faces with donuts while waiting for the good food to heat up!

  2. I'm right there with you.
    I've been cleaning all week and went to costco 2 times for the food.
    We're having ham & chicken too!
    and picking up the cake on the way home. Cinnamons swirl bread sounds so good, but too ambitious for me. I still need to set out tables and chairs and tablecloths and vaccum one last time!
    Best Wishes for an Exceptional Day for your whole family! God Bless!


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