Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Prayer for Modern Moms

We deliver our children once, in joy and pain,then deliver them a hundred times more—to school, to practices, to doctors’ appointments.Watch over us, Lord, and keep us safe, as the mother eagle who guards her young.

We teach our little ones to stand and walk, carefully coaxing balance,then jump in when we can to teach them balance in work, in friendship, in serving others.Guide them Lord, and keep them upright, falling neither into harm nor selfishness.

We congregate as moms and family, whispering about worries and passing on what works,sharing wisdom from Grandma or Oprah, stories heard in parking lots or bleachers.Teach us, Lord, to lead with our love instead of our fears, trusting that you are there beside us.

God of Leah and Rebekah, of Elizabeth and Mary, be ever near all mothers today—in minivans and meetings, in busy mornings and tired evenings, and grant us your peace.

--Mary Lynn Hendrickson