Sunday, May 13, 2007

What Was I Thinking

Yes, today is Mother's Day. Yes, my dear husband did sweet little things for me like rub my back to wake me, buy me a rose at church, take us all out for a surprise breakfast at one of our favorite little cafes and even put Ray down for a nap and grilled spicy brats for dinner. Yes, the kids did sweet things like give me so many squeezing bear hugs I feel thinner, baked me a Mother's Day cake, made cards with rainbow words, hearts and flowers and brought me a bouquet of lilacs.

And what did I do for myself. Well, I decided today had to be the day to start potty training Ray. I washed tons of training underwear, pants, socks and even a set of bed sheets. Just a gentle reminder of what it means to be a mother. A real mother.