Saturday, May 26, 2007

Learning the Planets

For two weeks we've been studying the planets. Nothing incredible happened, it wasn't the kids favorite subject. However, after numerous trips to the library and probably 25 books and movies checked out, we found a few of our favorites. Grace and Lee made Solar System file folder books. Basically, I stapled 10 sheets of paper into a folded file folder to make the book. Then they drew and cut out the planets, glued one to each page and wrote three interesting facts below. Neatness was a problem in the beginning, but by the end they did shape up their written presentation skills.

Baby Galileo: Discovering The Sky - 30 minutes, Lou and Ray enjoyed this movie a couple of times, definitely for the younger crowd

Eyewitness - Planets - 27 minutes, recommended for grades 4-8, we all enjoyed this movie even though none of us are in the recommended age category, it did discuss many of the theories regarding the birth of the solar system, except for creation, it did highlight some of the early astronomers and their beliefs, which was interesting

Behold and See 3, Suchi Myjak - chapter 4

Fascinating Facts About The Solar System, Jane Walker - extremely kid friendly, just the right amount of info on each page, this book was a favorite and we had fun with the quiz at the end

The Sun and the Solar System, Franklyn M. Branley - this book was used as a reference book as to what the planets look like, there is a nice chart at the end with lots of useful information about each planet: size, distance from sun, revolution, rotation, composition of surface and atmosphere, moons and rings, this made for easy comparison and reinforced the value of charting information

The Solar System: A Vision Book, Maura Gouck - used mostly for its pictures, although I did read some of it and found it to be quite interesting, but too wordy for a young child

Stars and Planets (Nature Company Discoveries Library), David H. Levy - full of facts and tidbits

Blast Off! A Space Counting Book, Norma Cole - two lines of text, one is the basic counting part and can be enjoyed by the littlest of littles and two is the detailed text on each page, Ray couldn't quite sit through the entire book, although the older three enjoyed it very much, Grace even read it to Lou again