Thursday, May 24, 2007

On Star

Jokingly, my husband and I tease each other about having OnStar. Really, I don't have OnStar; I have a Honda van and I have a mechanical husband. He's my OnStar. I know he'd rather be doing so many other things than receive an OnStar type call from me, but you'd never guess it. Like last night. I left at 6:00, with four fully inflated tires, to meet some friends at a restaurant. L. is moving away because of her husband's job and we wanted to drink wine and indulge in low-cal desserts one last time with her. I turned off the expressway, only 3/4 mile to go. As I started to turn there was no denying I had a very flat tire. I pulled over assessed the situation. Indeed the driver's rear tire was down to the rim, a large piece of gravel had slashed and was still stuck in the tire. I could hear the air hissing out. I called my OnStar, figuring my evening out had been doomed or very postponed. Guess what he said. Just lock the doors and walk to your party, I'll take care of it. From his point of view, this must of been miserable. He loaded up four kids, changed a tire (first time for this van), tried to get it patched at 8:00 p.m., found out the slash was just too big to patch. He dropped off the van at the restaurant and then walked with four kids back to the truck and headed home. What a guy. OnStar has some tough competition.

*The night out was a blast. Tons of laughter, a few tears, lots of great stories.

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  1. Hi Jen,

    I have to laugh! What a keeper! My husband is my onstar as well, but I never thought about it that way! Great share, thanks.

    Climbing the pillars!


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