Monday, May 7, 2007

Pinecone Pick-up

Do you have any jobs I can do? I'm asked this at least once a day by upwards of three children each day. If the question stopped there, I'd give myself a pat on the back for raising thoughtful and work-willing kids. However, the question doesn't stop there. Do you have any jobs I can do to make money? Now those are the kids I raised. Everyday their wish lists grow longer and they want jobs and they want to make big money. Desperately I've been thinking of extra jobs they can do to earn money. We do not pay our children for everyday work, the kind of work involved in just being a family. I will elaborate on our daily chores in future posts. Today I want to share how empty my wallet is since my last great idea. We have a huge country yard which continues into woods. Where do I stop raking? I decided to rake the entire yard inside the circle drive and everything outside of that would just be left to nature's way. But the pine cones, they were everywhere and I didn't want to just mow over all of them. I suggested that if they wanted to pick-up pine cones and dump them in the woods they could earn 1 cent for each pine cone. How many could there really be? Maybe a couple hundred. I could surely spare $2.00. Grace, Lee and Lou picked up pine cones until their hands were black with pitch. And the final count...........................................2,135 pine cones were collected and dumped into the woods. Here's the breakdown:

  • Grace - $10.32

  • Lee - $10.73

  • Lou - $0.30

Here's the work in progress:

Lee... tired after counting 1,073 pine cones.

Grace...just plain tired. Do I see more pine cones in the background?